MiniSim Femoral/Facia Iliaca Simulator facilitates knowledge and skills acquisition to perform Femoral, facia Iliaca & lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (LFCN) block, allows injection practice, and teaches ultrasound axillary plexus anatomy patterns recognition and needle-eye coordination to safely guide needle insertion.


Supported Blocks: Femoral, PENG, Fascia Iliaca, Femoral Triangle


Internal Anatomy: Femoral, obturator, lateral cutaneous nerves; Saphenous nerves; Fascia ilica; Facia lata; Iliopsoas muscle; Pectineus muscle; Sartorius muscle; Adductor muscles; Femoral artery; Femoral vein


External Landmark: Inguinal crease; Anterior superior iliac spine; Proximal thigh; Hips Pubic tubercle


Realistic Scanning

Cast from human anatomy, MiniSim includes realistic external landmarks and internal anatomy.  MiniSim vessels do not require filling, emptying, and cleaning that can create vessel contamination affecting visualization. Internal anatomically and proportionally correct structures closely mimic human anatomy scans. 



MiniSim Simulators tissue is self-healing and durable. The plastic base protects internal anatomy like bone structures. MiniSim simulators eliminate leaking vessels and the need to replace vessels by incorporating unique solid vessels (except vascular access models).  MiniSim Simulators offer fast and efficient setup. It’s as easy as opening the storage case, removing the MiniSim from its protective bag, and starting your scans. MiniSim’s procedure tray allows easy cleanup after injection practice.  Remove scanning gel to complete the cleaning process for next use. 


Cost Effective

MiniSim’s design, durability, ease of set-up, use, and storage make it the most cost-effective regional block training simulator available.


Optional/Replacement Component: MS2I-FEM Rotational/Replacement Insert


Femoral Block Simulator

  • All Minisim by Valkyrie Ultrasound Simulators are packaged with care for ease of use and storage by including a custom carry case and custom procedure tray.

    The case is durable with reinforced corners, a front carry handle to allow for stacking, and a large top label for easy product identification.

    Our Custom MiniSim procedure tray provides easy removal, use, storage, and fluid containment during injection practice.

    A drawstring cover is also included to ensure your MiniSim stays clean and dust free between trainings.