The MiniSim Essential Trainer is an absolute must for anyone wanting to start utilizing point of care ultrasound. The Essential Trainer facilitates acquisition of essential skills required for using ultrasound and allows needle-target practice in plane and out of plane and injection and offer rapid recovery with Tru Corp unique formula


Reversible for extended life. Fluid free.


INTERNAL LANDMARKS: Artery; Vein; Nerve 





MiniSim Simulators tissue is self-healing and durable. The plastic base protects internal anatomy like bone structures. MiniSim simulators eliminate leaking vessels and the need to replace vessels by incorporating unique solid vessels (except vascular access models). 


Cost Effective

MiniSim’s design, durability, ease of set-up, use, and storage make it the most cost-effective regional block training simulator available.


Optional/Replacement Component: N/A


Essential Trainer

  • The Essential Trainer comes in its own compact storage case for simulator protection and easy storage and transport.